Why I recommend these freelance websites

Here are the top freelance job websites I have experience and found my destiny.

Here I am sharing my experience with these websites because I am dong freelance in it and I can describe about these website's performance and accuracy in it's operations.


upwork emerged when two big giants in freelance sector like odesk and elancer”

I had joined in upwork in 2012 and started working only when I Left dubai to settle in my own place. The idea to start a freelance job was not an easy solution to my financial situations at that time. #upwork. But when I started to get works and gradually increased my hourly rate, I found this platform will give me income for living. Now my expectations didn't go wrong on it even though I am dealing with only three client right now but it gives a lot of free time and gave me freedom to start my own ventures.


fiverr is my second option in the freelance world. I have been experienced here client and freelancer simultaneously. #workfromhome I could hire freelancers for the jobs I had to complete and did my freelancing works by show off my service portfolio before millions of clients worldwide. It cannot be described in a few sentences but my real opinion about this freelance website will give you a hope if you are really looking for to do freelance jobs worldwide. #freelance

Change your destiny

“Being a freelancer will give you immense of freedom to shape your life.”

Being a freelancer is an ambition to everybody but requires the skill and persistence. The job fulfillment will not happen by one day instead it is a process happens everyday and step up gradually that give you confidence and expertise. I started low and gradually raised my hourly rate as I gain confidence and experience. The communication skills and character will play a major role in freelance sector. There will not be any manager to inspire and give you instructions but that may affect negatively. You may become lazy to find relevant jobs! So take fruitful steps to overcome it and look after your health. വീട്ടിൽ ഇരുന്ന് ജോലി ചെയ്യുക അതും ആരുടേയും കീഴിലല്ലാതെ എന്നുള്ളത് മോഹിപ്പിയ്ക്കുന്നതുതന്നെയാണ്. എന്നാൽ ശരിയായ തീരുമാനത്തോടെയും ക്ഷമയോടെയും അല്ലെങ്കിൽ നിരാശ പിടികൂടാൻ സാധ്യതയുണ്ട്. ഫ്രീലാൻസ് എന്നുപറയുന്നത് അതിവേഗം സമ്പന്നനാകുവാൻ സാധിയ്ക്കുന്നതല്ല. എന്നാൽ ശരിയായ ദിശാബോധത്തോടെ നീങ്ങുകയാണെങ്കിൽ പാസ്സീവ് ഇൻകം എന്നുള്ള മേഖലയിൽ വിജയിയ്ക്കുവാൻ സാധിയ്ക്കും.


Peopleperhour is a great opportunity for freelancers who really want to value their time and get paid for their skills. I have a good profile and working here and I know people who already earned big income for their living. It is a great place to get top freelancers in the world so any professional clients can invite and hire professional freelancers to do their projects.

I have started my presence in peopleperhour so if you have any requirement in videoproduction, motiongraphics, photography, animation anyone can contact me to know the details and our team availability. Contact me in peopleperhour