Earn online using Starclick

This is a passive income style by watching ads and adding HTML code in your website.

What is StarClick

This is an online advertising agency from UK. Anyone can take a publisher and advertiser account in there. Just click on the ads in your dashboard and wait at least 10 seconds. If someone want to make online income, they have to make a publisher account first and if you want to increase the traffic in your website or something like that, you have to create an advertiser account.

How to make income

First you have to make a silver account. Though it is free, you will get only a few ads in this level. So you may spend many months to withdraw money from start click.

Next level is Gold member. In this level you will get more ads and also get HTML code to insert in your own website. For one click you will get $0.01. Many persons are making good income. I have even contacted a few of them. Every one shared their positive experience. Also you have the chance to get referral commission.

Withdraw Money

Withdraw using Paypal, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and Wester Union. If there is amount in wallet more than 2 dollar you can withdraw amount to paypal. But to withdraw money to bank account it require 50$ minimum in the wallet.

I am a Gold member and getting income in my bank account. I like star click because they have good support team to help us in our any doubts. We have to send them mail to their support email.

How to register.

This is my referral link. If you click on this link and Register in Starclick I may get a little commission. Likewise you will also get commission from others once they start to register and work using this platform.

You will get email verification after signup and also get mobile verification. Silver level is free and if you upgrade to Gold have to pay 19.95$ and for platinum level it is 49.95$. But you can easily get return more than your investment.

This is a monthly subscription package. In gold membership you may get ads worth 30$ each month but if you add the HTMl code in your own website(require traffic), you will have chance to get 5$ daily. The new comer may not understand this and take

Platinum membership thinking to make huge income. But understand carefully and take your steps. If you cancel your membership you will be refunded.